Richard Matlock

Advanced Technology Program Executive
Missile Defense Agency

Mr. Richard Matlock, Director for Advanced Technology, is leading the development of the next generation of cutting edge Missile Defense technologies and proving their benefit to the Warfighter through realistic experiments in relevant environments. Some of Mr. Matlock’s other Senior Executive assignments included the Program Director for the BMDS Kill Vehicles program and Program Director for Modeling and Simulation. Prior to his appointment to the Senior Executive Service in 2003, he proved the ability to use Overhead Non-Imaging Infrared satellites to guide an interceptor for destruction of enemy ballistic missiles in the boost phase. Mr. Matlock also conceived and developed the Near Field InfraRed Experiments or NFIRE spacecraft for demonstrating kinetic kill of ICBMs from a space based platform.

Mr. Matlock’s broad based 34 year career in government service includes major acquisition and scientific positions with the U.S. Navy, the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization and the U. S. Air Force. During his tenure with Naval Sea Systems Command, Mr. Matlock was the Program Manager for the Department of Defense’s U.S./Japan Cooperative Ballistic Missile Defense Research Project. He led the development and implementation of this joint missile defense research program with the Japan Defense Agency.

Prior to employment with the Navy, Mr. Matlock was Program Manager for Interceptor Technology Integration in the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization. Mr. Matlock developed the Lightweight ExoAtmospheric Projectile (LEAP), a primary building block for the nation’s missile defense programs. As Program Manager for the BMDO/Navy Terrier LEAP Technology Demonstration Program, he established the experimental pathfinder for the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense Program. He also built, launched and operated several earth observing satellites, proving the value of microsatellites for complex missile defense and space control missions.

In addition to eight years in the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization, Mr. Matlock held several positions in the Department of the Air Force, both as an officer and civil servant, including Chief of Integration and Analysis at the Air Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratory and Technology Director, Space Based Interceptor System Program Office at Air Force Systems Command’s Space Division.

Mr. Matlock’s major awards include the Air Force Aerospace Primus Award (1987), the Outstanding Technical Achievement Award for Missile Defense (1989), the Navy Superior Civilian Service Award (2000) and the inaugural Missile Defense Technology Pioneer Award (2006).

Mr. Matlock married the former Bonnie Brands of Stroudsburg, PA and they reside in Huntsville, AL. They have three adult children, Dylan, Taylor and Corrina.