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3rd Annual Directed Energy Systems Agenda

3rd Annual Directed Energy Systems Agenda

As the military and defense agencies continue to search for ways to overmatch the various adversaries we are noticing a crucial shift in the Directed Energy weapons development, maturing from the R&D phase to programs of records – one step closer to a cross service operational deployment.

Over the three-day summit we will look at what has changed and advanced in in the DE market over the past year with technology, acquisition and joint service roadmaps. We will also take a deep dive into policy and operational considerations for the development and employment of these next generation weapons and how we can best transition from R&D to operational success when the technology is demonstrated.

Join us this June 25-27 in Washington, D.C. to get an in-depth understanding on:

  • Governmental perspectives on Directed Energy Development, Acquisition and Force Integration
  • Roadmap for High Power Microwave (HPM) Directed Energy (DE) Weapons
  • Requirements for multi-domain capabilities when applying DES
  • Defensive Laser Weapons for Air Mobility Platforms
  • Lessons Learned and Future Plans for DEs Operational Integration

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