Delivering Technological Overmatch to the Warfighter

As the military moves away from the COIN focused fight, and prepares for a more conventional near-peer adversary it is important that we lead the charge in defense innovation and development. With defense spending on the rise and technical advancements in power generation, thermal management, and HEL laser beam quality and control the time to bring Directed Energy Systems (DES) to the warfighter has arrived.

Over the three-day summit we will look at what has changed in regards to DE advancements over the last year regarding technology, acquisition and joint service roadmaps. This venue will bring together thought leaders, acquisition executives, industry solution providers, and academia in order to tackle some of the challenges that face this community in the near, mid, and far term fight. We will also take a deep dive into policy and operational considerations for the development and employment of these next generation weapons and how we can best transition from R&D to operational success when the technology is demonstrated. Finally we will look to gain insight from warfighter perspectives on the operational challenges and requirements of DES that will influence the capabilities of this game-changing technology and make it more valuable to the future fight. 

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Topics we’ll cover in the main conference include:


Directed Energy and Countering Anti-Access/Area Denial Challenges


Meeting SWAP-C challenges to Operationalizing the Electromagnetic Railgun


Towards Distributed Lethality: Increasing the Offensive Punch of Surface Warships


Active Denial Technology


Future Applications of Solid State Lasers (SSL) in the Maritime Domain


Directed Energy for Ground Based Counter-UAS


Integrating Smart Munitions into Legacy Weapons Systems


Countering Cruise Missile Threats with Electric Weapon Systems

Now Factor

Strategic imperatives to meet growing anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) challenges in a fiscally austere environment requires DoD to leverage existing technology to get the most out of every system. Not only do directed energy and other electric weapon systems such as EMRG offer significantly reduced the cost-per-shot over conventional systems, allowing forward deployed elements to maintain credible deterrence and combat power over time, but also offer the prospect of a scalable threat response to to deter, disable, or destroy targets as required. Furthermore, next generation munitions, such as the Hypervelocity Projectile (HVP) offer capabilities to meet multiple mission sets from existing weapon systems, such as the Mk 45 five inch deck gun, as well as future platforms such as EMRG

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