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Delivering Technological Overmatch to the Multi-Domain Battlefield

Future weapons, including directed energy weapons have been in the Research & Development phase for the past several years. As the US armed forces, continue to develop and innovate in order to achieve battlefield overmatch and superiority, the Directed Energy weapon systems are making their way form the R&D phase to DoD and Military programs as the next step before acquisition and force integration.

Over the three-day summit we will examine the latest DE advancements, initiatives and plans regarding technology, acquisition and service roadmaps. This event will bring together thought leaders, acquisition executives, industry solution providers, and academia in order to tackle some of the challenges that face this community in the near, mid, and far term fight. We will look to gain insight and lessons learned from warfighter perspectives on the operational challenges and requirements of DES that will influence the capabilities of this game-changing technology.

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Topics we’ll cover in the main conference include:


DoD and MIlitary Roadmap For Directed Energy Systems


Operational Challenges and Advantages of DES for the 21st Century Warfighter


Implementing HEL DES Into the SHORAD Strategy to counter Group 1 UASs


Advancements in Power Re-Generation, Storage, and Thermal Management Solutions for Directed Energy Systems


Directed Energy Systems Industry Panel


DE Systens Cross and Service Integration Panel 


Roadmap for High Power Microwave DES Weapons Development


Directed Energy Employment and Safety Concerns

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